Saturday, January 16, 2016

A lot of people have asked how I decided what went in what album. When I started using Project Life at the begining of the year, there wasn't a lot of 8x8 product available. You couldn't even order from the app. That definitely affected my decisions on the albums.

A little background before I share a breakdown of the albums. I have owned a camera since I was five. Growing up, I was meticulous with organization of my photos. I would get duplicates printed of every roll. I would put one in an album with a caption for every picture, then I would file the other set in a photo box and lable the negative. (Yes, I know this is crazy for a kid to do.) I also made a few scrapbooks along the way and quit in 2004 when I graduated high school. It was too difficult to keep with with in college and I simply didn't have the space. Another note, I went to exclusively using my digital camera in college. Prior to that, I had a hybrid of film and digital. (Digital wasn't as good as my iPhone is now!)

After college, my life breaks down into these categories: college, living in Florida, single life in Dallas, wedding, and now marriage. Also, I wanted to give my mom an album for Christmas of all this time of family photos.

Essentially for me, I had two projects running in parallel: my personal life and then my family's events. 

To accomplish the family album I broke it down like this: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Family Vacations, other holidays, and random events. By breaking it down like this, I could break it down into smaller chunks and feel accomplishment along the way. I solely used the app  and printed 8x8's for my family's album so that people could get copies if they wanted.

To accomplish my personal project, I used a hybrid of product based on what I needed. I had a lot of pictures printed out as well as some physical kits that I bought. I also liked using the app. Here's how I broke it down:

- 12x12 album for college.
- 6x8 album for post college living in Florida. (not a ton of pictures, some already printed, some app)
- 12x12 album for living in Dallas (I had already done a #Project365 for 2013 but didn't print the pictures out)
- 12x12 album for our wedding
- 12x12 album of trips that both my husband and I had taken prior to marriage
- 12x12 album for 2015
- Two 4x4 albums for my instagram feed over the years
I also gifted three 8x8 albums using the Project Life App for Christmas. 

Stay tuned for more posts on what I used within these albums and how they turned out!


Examples of pages made with the Project Life App:


Check out to learn more about the Project Life system

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