Sunday, January 10, 2016

11 years of photos in 1 year while working full time. Sounds crazy?

Well this is how I did it.

The key products I used were: Project Life, Project Life App (available in Apple iTunes store and in Adroid store February 2016), and DropBox.


One of the great features is how Project Life App links with DropBox. I thankfully have been backing up my pictures in DropBox for a long time. Mine were already organized. I organize by year and then categorize within. I now put the full date instead of just year because I can scroll in order.

I have a "PHOTOS" folder, then I have a folder for each year. Within the year I put "YEAR_MONTH_DAY_EVENT" as the file extension and drop them within.

Thankfully, I have been backing up my photos like this for awhile. I had to go back an organize 2012 because that's when I transitioned to using my phone over a point and shoot camera. I didn't have a great system and all the pictures were just backed up into my camera roll.


What I mean by this is, choose how you are going to go through to make your pages. Are you going to start by year? Or by category? It took me a bit to get this down. My main goal was to create a family scrapbook. If I completed that, I would call it a success. I wanted to give my Mom and Dad a scrapbook by Christmas. To accomplish this, I did it by category. What are the biggest family holidays? Thanksgiving and Christmas. I did all the Christmases. Then Thanksgivings. Then family vacations. Then random holidays. Then random events. That way I tackled the biggest fish first and felt a snowball effect of accomplishment.

This project wil be crazy if you don't. I was also doing my own personal pages for 2014 and keeping up with 2015 at the same time. I put in one order a month to spread out the cost.

1. Use your spare time. Don't get on social media. Make a page. I used my spare time while waiting... at the doctor, oil changes, waiting on people, etc. You'll be surprised how much you can accomplish my using those 5-10 min time increments.

2. Done is better than perfect. My 2015 album has waaaaay more detail because I was doing it in real time. On everything in the past, I just wanted to get it done. The events are labled and maybe a sentence or two on journaling. I actually left white space if anyone wanted to add their own thoughts after printing out. Also, I didn't worry about a two page spread. Just made pages and organized later after they were printed out.

3. BACK UP THE IMAGES. O my goodness. I wish I had done this initially. I almost had the project done and then my phone was destroyed via water bottle. I lost everything and had to start over. You can now export your images straight to DropBox. Once you complete a page, click the icon on the bottom right corner to start the process. I always backup in 12x12 so I can print either size.

Stay tuned for a post on what is in each album, and I'll answer further questions on how I did it!


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